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Mr Chad WW2 National Savings Poster Circa 1940s

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- Original WW2 national savings poster
- Features one of the first illustrations of Mr Chad
- Framed in a Black wooden frame with glass front
- English ~ 1940s
- 53cm wide x 60cm tall

Mr Chad

This character was used in a humourous way to draw attention to the shortages we had to suffer, and so, lighten what was to be a dreadful experience.
During this period of austerity, seemingly so distant today, things we take for granted, were unobtainable, because ships could not be spared. Every available ship was needed to tranport war materials.

"Mr. Chad" would make us smile with such captions as, "WOT! No Oranges?", "WOT! No Petrol?". Or for the ladies, "WOT! No Stockings?" (All available silk was needed for making parachutes). American soldiers over here could get "Nylon" stockings sent from the U.S.A, and would give or sell them to the English ladies.

"Mr Chad" was born in 1941 at a secret school in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, that was teaching "Radio-Location", now called "Radar". A lecturer was illustrating on a blackboard the effect of a capacitor in a circuit. How the drawing started is shown in the attached picture.

Later, an unknown genius added the question mark and the now immortal words "WOT! No Electrons?" (all of them having been discharged, of course).

Condition Report

Some light age marks and folds but overall in good condition for its age

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