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Mid Century Factory Clocks By Pragotron Circa 1960's Product code #OA276 - Worldwide shipping - Price is per clock (4 available) - All prices inc VAT - Grey Hammerite painted steel casing - Fully restored and working - New quartz AA battery powered motor - Tin dial with glass face - Czech circa 1960's - 33cm x 33cm Pragotron The Pragotron clock company in the former Czechoslovakia produced clocks that were mainly used in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and other eastern bloc countries. Most clocks in the schools, offices, airports, factories, and train stations in eastern bloc countries were manufactured by Pragotron. The clocks were originally designed to be "Slave clocks" that were run by one central "Master clock" so as to enable synchronized signals to mark, for example, the beginning and end of a school day or work shift. Their simple & sleek minimalistic designs have ensured they're a favourite with interior designers and still keep time in homes, offices, bars and restaurants throughout the world. Condition Report Each clock has had a new battery powered quartz motor fitted, the casings have been lightly polished and given a coat of clear lacquer. As with all of our products this product is an original piece and has lived a life before it arrived at Otto's HQ. It has been sympathetically restored by the Otto's team to ensure it has a life for many more years to come. All of our products will show signs of patina and cosmetic wear, this we believe is what gives our products their unique charm. If you have any further questions regarding the condition of this product or any others please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Otto's x