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19th Century Anatomical Model By Dr Auzoux

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- Hand made papier mache removable parts

- Pine back board and stand

- French ~ 1860

- 93cm tall x 43cm wide x 28cm deep

Dr Auzoux Louis Auzoux obtained a medical degree in 1818 and was appointed to the surgical department of the Hotel-Dieu with Guillaume Dupuytren. In 1820 he visited the papier-mâché workshop of Francois Ameline and later (1827) set up a workshop making very accurate human and veterinary anatomical models in his Normandy birthplace Saint-Aubin-d'Écrosville. This traded as Maison Auzoux. Auzoux also made large scale zoological and botanical models for educational use. The models were called "anatomy clastique" (Greek klastos - broken in pieces), because they could be taken apart to show the full structure. The company also traded in other natural history material.

The process invented by Dr Auzoux consisted in a mix of paper pulp, glue and cork powder, pressed in paper-lined molds, following papier-maché method. The success met in France and abroad by his anatomical reproductions, due to their technicity and accuracy led the Dr. Auzoux to found a workshop in his birthplace village Saint-Aubin-d'Écrosville (Eure, France). The number of workers grew and by 1868, more than eighty men and women were employed to produce hundred of pieces sold worldwide each year. A shop was also opened 8 rue du Paon in Paris in 1833, that would ship sales in France and other countries. When Louis Auzoux died in 1880, his clastic anatomical models were internationally known and his society prosperous.

The competition and multiplication of other kinds of teaching aids for the study of anatomy (photography, video, digital models, plastination...) led the Auzoux firm to turn to other materials, like cheaper resin models in the 1980's, then close in the early 2000's. The Musée de l'Ecorché opened in nearby Le Neubourg (Eure, France) with a collection of production tools and models salvaged from the closing factory, and the input of former workers on techniques used. The personal archives of Dr Louis Auzoux are kept in the French national archives (Archives nationales) under shelf number 242AP.

Condition Report

The model is complete with no missing parts, there is some wear to the paint and a bump to the rear of the head.

As with all of our products this product is an original piece and has lived a life before it arrived at Otto's HQ. It has been sympathetically restored by the Otto's team to ensure it has a life for many more years to come. All of our products will show signs of patina and cosmetic wear, this we believe is what gives our products their unique charm. If you have any further questions regarding the condition of this product or any others please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Otto's x